Privacy Policy


No2Cash realizes the significance of the security of your personal information. No2Cash provides you with all kinds of recharges and bill payments. Under our privacy policy, the users of any kind, customers, buyers, merchants, consumers or sellers using No2Cash services recognize and agree to the privacy policy and agree to us for processing your individual information. If you, by any means, do not wish to agree with our policy, do not in any way agree to use the services of No2Cash or use the android mobile application


   We are in all ways, dedicated to protect all of your personal information and encrypting any data which may be truly hidden. The vaulted information, however, is stored on our absolutely safe database. We ensure high security with the staff handling the management of this information. Our highly developed security systems are robust and tough enough to keep out all unauthorized access to this information.

   We keep up with all updates in the security – physical, technical, operational or managerial – in all ways to ensure the protection of this information. With time, we also revise all our policies and add more, if necessary to ensure that your confidentiality is never compromised.

  Perhaps no online transactions performed are hardly 100% absolutely secure, hence, we do not pledge complete security to the information you offer us. We do our best to protect the security of your information, still, we do not warrant for the security of any personal information, so you are to do so at your own safety assurance.

  For any unauthorized intrusions, we guarantee you to undergo all measures required to protect any exploitation of your personal information and will notify you, either through the app, website, mail, over phone, or any electronic means to inform you to take successive measures.

  Any records you share with the company while utilizing our provided services publically, freely, openly and in any other unrestricted manner at any public platform, forum or blog will not be regarded, in any way, confidential, or classified and will not be deemed for availing protection in the privacy policy of No2Cash. Open environments can be easily accessed by many third parties, and they are likely to use the same data and information for their private and personal reasons, be it legal or not. Thus, you should consequently be careful while choosing to distribute your personal information at these platforms. Please notice that we will not be responsible to either you or the third party for any losses that may be caused to you due to the disclosure of your personal data.

Privacy Policy Modification

The company reserves all rights to add, remove, change and modify any part of the privacy policy of No2Cash at any time or any reason, and the company will not be answerable for the updates, but the following changes shall instantaneously reflect on the website consequently. It is advised to our users to frequently visit the policy page for all recent information which is updated. The changes will thus be effective right away. Continuation of use of the services will imply the customer agreeing to the modified privacy policy. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to agree with the changes, we advise you not to continue using the services and share any information with us.